Letter from the Artistic Director

Welcome To Brandon Ballet’s 24rd Season

As Artistic Director, I continue to put forth all of my effort, love and passion towards the development of Brandon Ballet to  transform it from a pre-professional ballet company into a more versatile contemporary ballet company.  I envision Brandon    Ballet having a wide variety of works in its repertoire to be enjoyed by patrons with tastes ranging from classical to contemporary to modern choreography.  In order to grow and move forward, we need your help now more than ever.

Please continue to support Brandon Ballet.  Your support and donations will not only help Brandon Ballet’s success, but will  also make it possible to compensate professional artists.  You will be making a great investment in your community.  Art is of fundamental importance to our society.  Art has the potential to unite, to speak all languages without words, without discrimination.  Art can lift us up.


Yours in Dance,

Artistic Director
Brandon Ballet


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